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May 02, 2023

Title of book must be APA.


1) Using the 3 features of inclusion, what strategies would you suggest to Mrs. Penny? You must refer to each feature of inclusion to receive full credit.

2) Based on the Tommy’s present level of performance, write an IEP goal that might be drafted by his IEP team

3) Identify a children’s book that has a character similar to Tommy. Provide a brief rationale as to why you selected the book. Include the title in APA style in order to receive full credit

4) Using the edTPA submitted portfolio pdf, review each learning experience 1-3. For each learning experience, complete #9 as if Tommy is Student C. What would his accommodations/modifications be for each of the three learning experiences?

The complete instructions are in this module.

Your responses to numbers 1-4 above should be submitted within a single, double-spaced, word document.

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