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Apr 03, 2023

Module Code :- 251FIN
Module Title :- Introduction to Financial Services
Assignment Number :- 1
Assignment Title :- Essay on financial services
Assignment Credits :- 25%
251FI Financial Services Essay – UK.

Assessment Information :-
This assignment is designed to assess the learning outcomes:
1.Discuss the fundamental role and functioning of financial intermediaries and financial markets in the provision of financial services.
2.Apply appropriate principles to investment, financing, savings decisions.
3.Describe the most important types of pensions and insurance products available from financial services providers.

Choose one of the following assignment questions :
1.Compare the UK financial services system with another country of your choice in terms of structure, regulation, types of services, size of the sector, and the role of government.

2.Compare one of the UK financial services sectors with another country of your choice. You can choose to focus on any of the following sectors: insurance banking mortgage lending, credit, financial advice, financial inclusion and fintech.

3.Critically analyse the key issues and challenges in financial services in the UK and future developments of financial services.

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