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Aug 19, 2023

Individual Assignment

Two-player robots are instructed to glide through a room from two different ends to the exit (see the diagram).  The room has four walls and two entrances and one exit only. The player robots have a number of moving capabilities i.e. forward, backward, left, and right, and it also has another four capabilities i.e. identifying if the object it encounters is a reward or not, picking up the reward, whether the object is a defense tool or not, picking up the tool, fighting the monster if the player robot has a defense tool and avoiding monsters when there is no protection mechanism.

The robots can move one step at a time, in one of four directions (up, down, left, and right). For example, if the robot is at position (3,3), it can move to (3, 2), (3, 4), (2, 3), or (4, 3).  Your player robots must collaborate and work together to collect the rewards and kill off the monsters. The following diagram shows the initial position of robot A (0, 0), robot B (7,0) the exit (7, 6), as well as the location of the monsters (in black) as well as the location of the reward (in yellow), defense tool in ‘X’. Each weapon can only be used once.

You are required to use JAM agent and design and develop a program so that the robots can collect all the rewards and kill all monsters successfully and exit.


  1. Implementation of the simulated robots in JAM Agent.
  2. The ability of the robot to walk through the room successfully.
  3. Programming style (use of the features that JAM Agent supports). There must be attempts to use multiple JAM features other than the one discussed in class such as PERFORM/MAINTAIN/NEXT FACT/RETRIEVEALL (where applicable)
  4. Use of more than one plan in the agent; applicability of the program to other scenarios (e.g with obstacles).In this case, each valid plan is allocated 10% for a minimum of 3 plans (i.e movement, avoid, reward collection) and an additional feature (meaning an additional functionality that if you manage to successfully implement will give an additional 10%). If the additional functionality is not implemented successfully, please include a discussion of the planned functionality (this would give a 5% allocation).
  5. Provision of design documentation, discussion on future enhancements, and analysis of agent architecture in relation to the implementation of this robot. Analyze based on current literature on agent architecture. Analyze also alternative solutions that might have produced better results.  Also include test results.
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