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Apr 01, 2023

Module Code : 342SAM
Module Title : Decision Making For International Business
Assignment Number : one
Assignment Title : Essay
Assignment Weighting : 50%
Assessment Information : This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:
1.Identify and organise credible sources of data and information
2.Appraise results of the decision-making process
342SAM Decision Assignment 1 Making For International Business – Coventry University UK.

This assignment is an individual assignment.

This assignment requires you to:
Critically analyse how at least three of the factors in the decision-making process that we have covered during the first six weeks of the module may influence the interpretation and understanding of information. Explain and critically evaluate how the factors you have chosen can inform the decision-making process. Support your discussion by using a range of business and if appropriate other examples.

Word Count :
The word count is 2,500 words.
There will be a penalty of a deduction of 10% of the mark (after internal moderation) for work exceeding the word limit by 10% or more. The word limit includes quotations and citations but excludes the references list.

How to submit your assessment
The assessment must be submitted No paper copies are required. You can access the submission link through the module web.

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