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Apr 10, 2023

Subject Code & Title :-  3CO01 Business Culture and Change In Context
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
This unit assignment considers the impact of external influences and how the digital and commercial environment shapes businesses and the culture within which they operate. It considers behaviour on organisational culture and its ability to manage change effectively.
3CO01 Business Culture and Change In Context Assignment – UK

Organisational culture is an important concept for the people profession The work of HR L & D and OD influences and is influenced by organisational culture because every organisation is made up of human relationships and human interactions.Culture is therefore central to the role of the profession and must be managed and developed accordingly.

This factsheet explores the importance of creating an organisational culture that supports policies and practices aimed at making positive change. It outlines some common measures used to

wider business community and associated professions. Finally, the factsheet considers cultural change and its challenges.

amental roles is organising and coordinating the work force to deliver value and success. HR systems and processes are part of this but on their own are not enough for an organisation to make real progress.

Taking diversity and inclusion as an example research indicates that an organisation which fails to value difference or enables some groups but not others to progress is unlikely to see positive despite having policies in place. Workplace norms values and behaviours traditions perspectives and beliefs of individuals are also crucial.

It is these shared characteristics among people within the same organisation that create its organisational culture.

PESTLE and SWOT Analysis tools
Discover what PESTLE and SWOT mean and use our analysis templates and examples to under stand the external influences on your organisation.

Case study
You work in the HR Team of a medium sized organisation and are studying for your people practice qualification. In a recent discussion with your manager you expressed how important you thought it was for employees to under stand the business environment. You feel this is especially important for people practice professionals as their roles impact on the policies processes and values of the organisation which in turn impact on all the people within the organisation.

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