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Mar 31, 2023

This unit introduces the core behaviours for people professionals, focusing on ethical practice to create value. It considers how certain ways of thinking and acting should be universally consistent even in new and challenging situations to promote a sense of wellbeing and inclusivity in the organisation.

Ethical practice in the time of coronavirus
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organisations to make rapid changes to their business model. This may include reducing operations redeploying staff or hiring new workers to meet increased demand. It is also bringing unique people management challenges as employees adapt to workplace changes or personal challenges such as juggling caring responsibilities or self-isolating.

In this unparalleled situation, having a principled based approach to decision making is essential to make sure organisations behave ethically. There are many factors to be considered from employee wellbeing and safety business finances and long term sustainability. Using a principle based approach can help guide decisions as the situation evolves. We’ve created a COVID-19 work force planner to help organisations navigate complex decisions about workforce changes

People professionals need to champion ethical practice and work with the wider business through out the crisis to ensure the best possible out comes for all. Find out more about the role that people professionals should play in Corona virus and the workforce: doing the right thing in a crisis.

3CO03 Core Behaviours For People Professionals Assignment – UK

There’s more on what employers should be doing in our Responding to the coronavirus hub.

Ethics at work an employer’s guide
Red flags practical resources and action points for employers looking to foster ethical behaviour in their organisation.

Ethical values provide the moral compass by which we live our lives and make decisions: ‘doing the right thing’ because it’s the right thing to do. However, there are several reasons why un ethical behaviour continues to happen in the workplace from individual actions and choice to industry wide indiscretions and compromising decisions.

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