4.How effective have the policy measures for tourism been?

This will build upon the earlier presentations. Students must prepare a report entitled ‘The impacts of, and responses to, Covid-19 in your country. The report will use the data that you gathered for the presentation.

The brief is as follows:

1.Provide a brief review of the state of tourism in your country: contributions to GDP and employment (pre and post Covid), how many tourists, long term growth pattern; main national markets; main types of tourism etc.

2.Look at the tourism-specific impacts of Covid 19 in detail, systematically exploring the key sub-sectors of the tourism industry in your country

3.What sort of policies have been put into place to mitigate these impacts and promote recovery of the tourism industry?

4.How effective have the policy measures for tourism been? Have they brought Covid 19 under control in a tourism context, and made it possible for tourism to happen, or has it failed to do so and therefore prevented tourism from re-starting on a significant scale?

5.Is it a case of ‘business as usual’ or has policy been developed to change the nature of tourism? In other words, has there been any debate or policy around the ‘resetting’ of tourism – how can tourism be improved in the light of problems that it may have encountered before Covid 19?

6.How would you assess the ideological emphasis of the recovery measures? Primarily social democratic, or neo-liberal? Would application of a different ideology have made a significant difference in terms of how policy-makers have attempted to manage/promote the recovery efforts?

7.What recommendations would you suggest to further revive the tourism industry?

If you think that you cannot improve on what they have done then say why. If you think that they could do better, say what they should do and why it would be an improvement.

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