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Mar 30, 2023

Instruction: This is an individual piece of work.

TASK: 4BM003 Study and Professional skills Assignment


Your boss was so impressed with the last article he asked you to write for the medical bulletin and the favorable responses he got from readers that he’s calling upon your services again.

He recalls a study published in Hypertension several years ago that suggested that if dietary salt intake were reduced by 3 g per day then the incidence of ischaemic heart disease and strokes would be significantly reduced, and that greater reductions would lead to even greater health benefits. This report led to a government initiative to reduce daily salt intake from an average of 9g to 6g by 2010.

He also remembers hearing that there may be harmful effects of a low salt diet, at least in some groups of people, and wants you to look into that too, just to make sure the readers get a balanced view.

Write a 300 – 400 word article for the medical bulletin summarizing the findings of the initial study, and include at least one example of a possible danger of a low-salt diet or contrary opinion to those expressed in the Hypertension article. Include at least three references to primary papers, using the approved Harvard system of referencing.

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