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Apr 05, 2023

Module Code: 4CRIM002
Module Title: Justice and Human Rights
Assessment 2: Essay
Word limit: 2000 words,
4CRIM002 Justice And Human Rights Assignment – Westminster University UK.

Instructions to Candidates:
The Evans family have moved onto Penwith estate in the London borough of Westminster.They play loud music late into the night and dump rubbish in their garden and onto the street. Their 18-year-old daughter, Serena, starts hanging out with her 16-year-old sister by the newsagent during the early evening with other youth on the estate.

Although none of the youths are linked to any serious crime on the estate, they are uncivil to passers-by.
Elderly residents are clearly afraid of the gang and avoid going to the shops after dark. Mothers complain that they have to push prams onto the road in order to pass it. There are also rumours that the youths sell drugs. The local police are aware that Serena and her sister received youth cautions twelve months ago for possession of a small quantity of cannabis. These were their first recorded offences.

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