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Subject Code & Title: 515 Managing Clinical Skills Provision In Care Setting
Learner to provide narrative under each statement of how they meet the criteria.
You must provide answers to each question that allow your assessor to properly assess your knowledge and what work
duties you are doing or what role you have within your work. It expected that you will need approximately 300 words per question. The more detail you provide the less likely your account will be sent back for more clarification. You must answer each question in your own words and written in the first person meaning “I do this”. A tip is always to keep in mind the “who, why, how, where and when” in each answer.
515 Managing Clinical Skills Provision In Care Setting Assignment – UK.

Learning outcome 1: Understand the importance of clinical competence within adult care services

1.1 National guidelines and agreed ways of working
Guidance for 1.1 Learners investigate agreed ways of working, including national guidelines, policies, protocols and best practice that relate to the provision of clinical skills within their service.

1.2 Responsibility and accountability
Guidance for 1.2 Learners explain their responsibility and accountability when managing the clinical needs of individuals in receipt of care, to include:  Accountability in relation to own role and other professionals  Situations
when delegated tasks cannot be accepted by the worker  Reporting mechanisms where clinical errors have occurred

1.3 Workforce competency
Guidance for 1.3 Learners critically evaluate the impact of expanding and developing clinical skills competency of their
workforce has on the level of service. This should include specific details of which clinical skills competencies are
developed within the workforce and why, for example:  Tissue viability  Phlebotomy  Catheter care  Undertaking
physiological measurements  Undertaking electrocardiograph procedures  Stoma care  Wound care  Extended
feeding  Physiological measurements  Oxygen therapy

1.4 Training and support
Guidance for Learners investigate potential sources of training and support for the areas of development noted in 1.3.
This will include information relating to:  Assessment of competence  How to access the training  Length of training  Cost of training  Type of training provider  The outcomes and impact of the training  Ongoing training
requirements to develop and maintain clinical skills competence within the workforce

Learning outcome 2: Analyse and improve levels of clinical skill competence

2.1 Workforce skills audit
Guidance for 2.1 Learners critically analyse the level of clinical skills competence within their workforce:  Current skill
set and gaps in knowledge and practice  Areas that they staff are proficient in  Areas that need developing improving  Identifying new areas of skill that would benefit their service provision

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