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Mar 30, 2023

Unit Title: 518 – Leading and managing dementia care services
Learner to provide narrative under each statement of how they meet the criteria.
You must provide answers to each question that allow your assessor to properly assess your knowledge and what work duties you are doing or what role you have within your work. It expected that you will need approximately 300 words per question. The more detail you provide the less likely your account will be sent back for more clarification.You must answer each question in your own words and written in the first person meaning “I do this”. A tip is always to keep in mind the “who, why, how, where and when” in each answer.
518 Leading And Managing Dementia Care Services Assignment – UK.

Learning outcome 1: Understand current policy, practice guidance and strategies within dementia care

1.1 Legislation and regulation impacting on dementia care services

Guidance for 1.1 Learners critically evaluate the impact of legislation and regulation relating to dementia care on their service management, to include consideration of the Mental Capacity Act in relation to: • Day to day decisions • Unwise decisions • Best interest decisions • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

1.2 Importance of integrated care for an individual living with dementia
Guidance for 1.2 Learners review the principles and practices of ‘integrated health and care services’ within their locality , including an analysis of the roles of different care services who provide care and support e.g.  Community Mental Health teams  Occupational therapy teams  SALT teams  NHS provision – GPs,community nursing  Others – volunteers, friends families

1.3 Impacts of raising awareness
Guidance for 1.3 Learners review current national and local initiatives in place to raise awareness of dementia an provide and analysis of their impact, for example:  Dementia 2020 challenge  Dementia Friends  Butterfly approach

1.4 Approaches for practice in dementia care Guidance for 1.4 Learners examine the
Guidance for 1.4 Learners examine the key features and impact on dementia services in respect of the approaches:  Person centred care  Relationship centred care  Emotion centred care

1.5 Policies and practices consistent with current thinking and guidance
Guidance for 1.5 Learners investigate policies and practices relevant to their own dementia service, review and make recommendations which could inform their future operational dementia care strategy as leaders and managers.

Learning outcome 2: Support others to develop an understanding of the impact of dementia on individuals and their families

2.1 Support to others to understand dementia
Guidance for 2.1 Learners evidence how they support others in their understanding of dementia in relation to: Diagnosis  Types of dementia  Signs and symptoms  Treatment  Care and support  Challenges faced with providing care and support  Risks

2.2 Support to others to understand the impact of dementia on those living with the condition
Guidance for 2.2 Learners provide support to others to develop an understanding of the impact of dementia on an individual in relation to:  Communication  Independence  Decision making  Psychological / emotional well being  Confidence / self esteem  Identity  Social interaction(s)  Physical health  Behaviours Diminishing responsibility (Others – e.g. colleagues, partners, families, friends, carers)

2.3 Provide learning and development opportunities to staff to enhance their knowledge, understanding and skills in dementia care

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