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Mar 31, 2023

Unit Code & Title : 5CO02 Evidence Based Practice
Assessment Type : Assignment
This unit assignment addresses the significance of capturing robust quantitative and qualitative evidence to inform meaningful insight to influence critical thinking. It focuses on analysing evidence through an ethical lens to improve decision-making and how measuring the impact of people practice is essential in creating value.

CIPD’s insight :
Evidence-based practice is about making better decisions, informing action that has the desired impact. An evidence-based approach to decision-making is based on a combination of using critical thinking and the best available evidence. It makes decision makers less reliant on anecdotes, received wisdom and
personal experience – sources that are not trustworthy on their own.

It is important for People Practitioners to adopt this approach because of the huge impact management decisions have on the working lives of people in all sorts of organisations worldwide. Managers have an
obligation to find the best evidence when making important decisions to strengthen the well-being of their workers as well as ensuring their organisation’s success.

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