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May 01, 2023


Part A (Instruction)

There are three particular methods on which the assignment briefs are informing the student to focus on for the part A. As per the instructions the key aim is to develop the skills of using various project management software tools. Now, this can be one specific software management tool including all features if one has the idea of how to handle them or different tools to do the same the activities.

Communication – team communication requires conducting team meetings or video conferences, developing team discussion sessions, chats and so on. Separate channels can be developed through these processes to allow for discussion on various topics or parts of the same project in a different chat group. Direct messages and calling features are also available in such applications. Microsoft Teams is one such popular software that is being used very commonly worldwide by professionals as well and is very user-friendly.

Kanban – it is an agile or lean method of project management (especially in software projects) that was developed taking inspiration from Toyota Production System (TPS) developed by Toyota. Here the workflow is divided into various basic work packages. Then regular follow ups of various activities are noted under each package to keep a track of the entire workflow as well as the key goal to be achieved. There are online tools and free platforms available on the internet that can help in developing a digital Kanban board. Some examples of such Kanban boards are:

One can develop his or her own columns in such a platform as per understanding and requirement.

Repository – A central repository is basically used for keeping a centralized storage of documents, files and various data that can be accessed from multiple ends simultaneously. It would help in the handling project data by each team member independently. One can store and access their files and documents using OneDrive (in Windows) or Google drive also as central repository.  

For the Part A these are tasks are to be done along with taking and saving screenshots of these tasks from respective software used. These images are to be compiled into a single document and presented as evidence for the Part A task only (other than that nothing is required).

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