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Eligibility :- This is a coursework for both Referred and Deferred students so marking depends on your circumstances.We will not be running Ref/Def versions of : ACE MCQ1 or MCQ2 If you have a SAC for MCQ1 or MCQ2 please contact Olenka. This assignment covers GP1 – GP3 and there will be a separate timed assignment for the EOM Timed Assignment.
5COM1053_61 Referred/Deferred Coursework – UK

DEFC students with a SAC in any GP1 – GP3 assessments may complete which ever component they have a SAC for. If you do not complete this component your module marks will remain as they are currently.

FREFC students can improve their marks only if their original mark for a GP1 – GP3 component is < 40% so if you have a higher mark, you will retain the existing mark and should not do that component. So look at your marks and make informed choices. If you already have a good mark for something don`t spend time re doing it. If you do worse on one of the above tasks than you did originally we will retain the higher mark.

How ever do remember that GP1 – GP3 the team marks on Studynet only assess the quality of the assignment itself. If you did not contribute much to an assignment your mark will be lower.SO always check the feedback form for your own individual marks .

Finally Tasks 2 & 3 are about requirements & design necessary stages before implementation. If you are only attempting GP3 Tasks 1, 4-6, it is still worth having a go at Tasks 2 & 3 informally to focus your attention on the problem requirements even if you do not submit them for formal assessment.

Tasks and Deliverables
You may complete this assignment :
 EITHER as an individual
 OR as a team of no more than 3 people
If completing as a team you will need to submit a Roles & Contributions form

TASK 1 – Written Comments on Team Work – to be done by ALL

Imagine that you have been asked by your manager to form a project team of up to 3 people to implement a proto type for the above system and demonstrate it to the BARS management within a short time scale. Provide a short report to your manager between 300-500 words of your recommendations for:

 The roles and responsibilities that you would give to each of the four team members.
 Factors that would contribute to ensuring that your team will be successful.
 Factors that could significantly increase the risk of failure.

5COM1053_61 Referred/Deferred Coursework – UK

To answer these sections reflect upon your own experience of teamwork in the GP1-3 assignments of this module.

Tasks 2 – 6 GP1 – GP3

System Description – Reservation of Sports Sites (BARS)
The Booking and Reservation for Sport company has some sports venues in Hertfordshire such as foot ball and rugby fields tennis courts swimming pools etc . Venues may be booked by individuals or clubs organisations for one-off events or scheduled bookings for specific times each week or month etc. In this context someone making a booking whether on their own behalf or on behalf of an organisation is called a booking agent.

Currently bookings can only be made by phone in office hours to the clerks at the BARS Central Booking Office (BCBO). How ever BARS want to extend their business to offer a booking service to owners of other sports venues such as schools or clubs who might wish to make their facilities more widely available. BARS are also aware that they could increase their own business by providing a more comprehensive information system about the availability of such venues and by providing online booking facilities. They would like a website to provide these services. NOTE: BARS in addition to providing the booking service would also be an owner offering their own venues for booking.

You have been retained to provide the BARS website, so that it can be used by both venue owners including BARS and booking agents to manage bookings. It will also be used by BARS Maintenance Department to ensure that their own venues are ready for use. Your software should provide a range of booking and management facilities accessible from the BARS home page and offer different menus/options depending on the user.

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