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Dec 14, 2021

Purpose of this assignment

To provide learners with an understanding of computer games development as an underpinning technological concept in the fields of computer gaming and systems development.


5G Studio hired you to develop a Platformer game. It is your decision whether build the game in 2D or 3D. The game must be compatible with Windows platform and operated using common computer Inputs. The project can be developed by using Unity 3D game engine or any other game engine that you are comfortable with.

Following are the things that you need to consider when designing and developing




Game description


A precise description about the game




Chose a title which relates to the description.


Main Menu


A simple menu which provides the basic functions such as Play Game, Exit Game, Reload Game, etc.




Any game Assets, Object and Component either provided by Unity Asset Store or any other asset provider. Alternatively you can develop your own using Maya, 3DStudio Max or Photoshop. Make sure the images used are copyright free.


Asset may include following


Scene/ Terrain:Game scene or Terrain developed or obtained free.


Player: Main Character (Hero) which is controlled by the user


Enemy/ies: A simple enemy which is driven by a simple enemy UI and can be destroyed by the main character

Collectable stuffs: Any kind of collectable object which has effect on the outcome. E.g. increase power, sizeor speed, add bonus pointsetc.




Use an appropriate programming language (JavaScript, C#, Java etc.) or Game engine physics to implement game logic.

Task 1

Critically analyse and compare

  • Different types of computer games
  • Variousplatforms to playcomputer games.

Select a popular computer or mobile game and,

  • Briefly describe its story line
  • Identify area of improvement in its game play
  • Apply strategies to implement appropriate solutions [AC1.1]

Discuss different methods of user interaction with the games and recommend the most appropriate one for your selected game.  [AC1.2]

Assess impact of computer-based gaming on lifestyles and society in general. [AC1.

Task 2

Select an appropriate design tool and propose a computer game for the given scenario. Your game proposal should be full design of minimum one level of game. In particular it should illustrate:

  • Game description & Title
  • Assets Scene / Terrain
  • Player (The Playable Character)
  • Enemies
  • Collectable stuffs

Provide list of all resources required to fully design and develop your proposed game. Resources may include game components, data and file structures. Following points must be considered :

  • Specify software required to fully assemble the game
  • Programming Language used to develop game
  • Other software tools (Maya, 3DStudio Max or Photoshop) needed to fully design and develop the game assets (e.g., Game characters, environment, etc.). If you are using copyright-free assets clearly state from where you acquire them.

ÔŅĹLearners are required to produce a detailed Gantt/PERT chart to manage and organize activities covering all stages of game design tool?

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