5N1279: Katya Katya Is A Five Year Old Child With Limited Use Of The English Language: Human Growth & Development Assignment, OC, Ireland

Case Study

Katya Katya is a five year old child with limited use of the English language. Katya and her mother Anna have just arrived in Ireland from Eastern Europe where Anna’s husband and son had died in tragic circumstances and Anna has spent a week travelling to get to Ireland, where she has a sister. Anna is staying in her sister Magda’s flat, which is damp, dreary and in need of repair. Anna is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and feels unable to function properly. Anna sends Katya to a local community school, where staff has raised concerns about her development.

Her physical growth and general development appears delayed and falls below the average expected for a child of her age. Katya has little interaction with other children, is withdrawn and has difficulty forming friendships. Magda explains that Katya had been born prematurely and that Anna suffered from postnatal depression and was unable to care for her baby or her son. Her husband spent weeks away in the army so was unable to be of much help. Anna admitted that Katya spent most of her time in her cot and was generally quiet and unresponsive. Katya has also recently begun bedwetting and appears to be a sad little girl. Magda has become extremely attached to Katya and is willing to help her as best she can.

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