5N1279: Tom Is A Three-Year-Old Child Who Lives With His Mother Milly, In A Rented House In A Small Town In West Cork: Human Growth And Development Assignment, OC, Ireland

Tom is a three-year-old child who lives with his mother Milly, in a rented house in a small town in West Cork. Tom’s dad Jack, left the family home 14 months ago. Milly is struggling with trying to pay bills, look after the home and mind her son.

In recent months Tom is giving her a hard time. Milly thinks maybe he is bored at home. He sometimes has dreadful temper tantrums and throws things around the room, even at her. Milly is not looking forward to the long winter months ahead. It can be tough, stuck in the house 24/7, with a demanding 3-year-old. No wonder she has a short fuse.

Milly regrets that her relationship with her mother June has deteriorated. They used to be such good friends. June used to try to tell Milly how to raise Tom, she was always offering advice and comparing Tom’s behavior with that of her other grandchildren and was not complimentary of Milly’s parenting skills. Tom is as bright and able as his cousins, isn’t he?


  1. Identify needs that are being met for Tom.
  2. Identify needs that are not being met for Tom.
  3. Outline detailed descriptions of strategies for meeting needs in terms of individual, family, community, and government perspectives.
  4. Detail the interpersonal skills required to meet Tom’s needs.
  5. Describe a course of action to meet these needs.

 Assessment Criteria:-

  1. Accurate assessment of needs
  2. A detailed description of appropriate strategies for meeting needs in terms of individual, family, community, and government involvement
  3. A thorough understanding of interpersonal skills required
  4. Comprehensive, appropriate, and sensitive actions are required to meet the needs outlined.

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