5N1356: Demonstrate Learning Experience And To Show The Application Of Theory And Practice In Education: Work Experience, CC, Ireland



While completing the Work Experience module Learners must complete the following section of this Journal to demonstrate learning experience and to show the application of Theory and practice in education.

For confidentiality reasons Learners cannot address any colleague or resident/client/service user by name – Only by title e.g. “The Care Assistant on duty with me ……….”

  1. Describe a goal you feel would be important on Day 1 work experience
  2. Describe a goal you set yourself and did not achieve in any of your Work Experience/employment positions in the past
  3. New Learning experienced
  4. A Challenge encountered
  5. Identify any interpersonal issues that occurred
  6. Identify any interpersonal work skills you improved on
  7. Evaluation of own participation and progress
  8. Evaluation of own employability skills
  9. Evaluation of Personal Weaknesses
  10. Review of Skills Audit In section 2.

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