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Jul 17, 2023

In this assessment, you are required to carry out research and investigate the topic of  Dementia using the case study below

Bríd Maloney is 62, she was diagnosed with Picks Disease at the age of 52. She is Married to Mike and has two children, a daughter and a son. Her daughter is 32 married with two small children and her son is 28 living at home. Bríd was a manager in jewelers, always dressed very well, and wore makeup. Bríd got her hair set weekly.

Bríds daughter Mary and husband Mike have been very involved with Bríds care; they have cared for her at home for the last 9 years. At the age of 59, Bríd moved into a nursing home as the family could no longer manage at home, and Bríd’s needs became more complex. Bríd was no longer able to feed herself her speech deteriorated and her mobility was very poor.

She has now become very poorly and after catching the flu over Christmas her body is beginning to shut down. Bríd is now spending more time in bed as when she is up her she flops over and falls asleep. She has little interest in the activities, however when there is country music playing she appears more alert. Her family are very good to her and visit very often. She does reach out for her grandchildren when they visit. Her family celebrate all major events in the nursing home for example christenings, birthdays and Christmas. Bríd is now fully dependent, she is no longer able to swallow soft food, and her fluids are thickened to grade 4 which is the maximum it’s almost like a pudding. There is now a cd player in her room and her husband has brought her favourite cds in to play.

The staff have continued to get Bríds hair done by the hairdresser and keep on top of her eyebrows to keep her self-identity. The husband loves to see her on a Thursday afternoon after getting her hair done and says he feels like its back in the old days when they were going to a dance.

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