5N1390: A Portfolio Or Collection Of Work Is A Collection And/Or Selection Of Pieces Of Work Produced: Personal Effectiveness Assignment, OC, Ireland

‘A portfolio or collection of work is a collection and/or selection of pieces of work produced by the learner over a period of time that demonstrates achievement of a range of learning outcomes. The collection may be self generated or may be generated in response to a particular brief or tasks/activities devised by the assessor.’

Task 1: Organisation Profile (Word Count 1000 +/- 10%)
a. Provide a description of an organisation of your choice, including their Mission Statement, and
outline the reasons for your decision.
b. Identify and provide an overview of the company’s organisational structure.
c. Include an organisational chart showing the relationships between the departments of the organisation to support your answer.
d. Provide a description of the departments and functions of the organisation.
e. Discuss the external factors influencing the organisation.

Task 2: Team Development and Effective Communication (Word Count 1000 +/- 10%)
a. Discuss the four stages of team development within an organisation
(i) Forming,
(ii) Storming,
(iii) Norming,
(iv) Performing.
b. Provide an overview of how an organisation can influence effective communication in the

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