5N1770: The Overall Recommended Word Count Guideline For This Learner Record: Early Care & Education Practice Assignment, OC, Ireland

Learner Record (40%):
The overall recommended word count guideline for this learner record is 2000. Please bear in mind this is a guideline and some learners will need to go under/over. There is no penalty for exceeding the word count. There is also no penalty for going below the word count though do bear in mind that going below the word count may result in a lower mark due to insufficient information/discussion. For these reasons it is advisable to keep within the restriction’s of 2000 words +/- 10%.

In this Learner Record, the learner is required to reflect on their current/past work practices as well as learnings from the module and related activities; from this, the learner will address the following

key guidelines:Guideline 1:
(i) Discuss the importance of self-awareness and effective interpersonal skills in the Early Childhood Care and Education sector. (5%)
(ii) Identify two of your strengths and two areas for development in relation to selfawareness and interpersonal skills. (5%)

The minimum word count for this section is 250 words for each 5% section though a higher word count can be used if required. Ensure to reference the theory in this response and clearly acknowledge the source of your information as per Harvard reference style.

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