5N1786: List (Briefly) The Nine Primary Care Needs Requiring SNA Support: Special Needs Assisting Assignment, OC, Ireland

1. Outline the role and responsibilities of the Special Needs Assistant.
a) List (briefly) the nine primary care needs requiring SNA support and the six secondary care-associated tasks in accordance with the Department of Education and Skills SNA scheme.

b) Using this list, you are required to reflect on your own role in any two of the
activities/tasks that you have been involved with during your time spent at placement.

2. Describe two personal qualities of an effective Special Needs Assistant.
a) Drawing on readings/online research, discuss the importance of two essential personal qualities to the work of professionals supporting children with special educational needs.

b) Reflect on and evaluate how you practiced these two personal qualities while supporting children in your placement setting.

3. Legislation
a) Provide a summary of the following legislation pertaining to special educational needs and disability.
➢ The Equal Status Acts (2000-2015)
➢ Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs (EPSEN) Act (2004)
➢ The Disability Act (2005)
➢ The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

b) Outline examples of how the above relevant legislation were implemented in your placement setting thinking critically about any shortcomings in relation to issues and barriers such as funding, resources, training, access, inclusion, attitudes etc.

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