5N2770: Bridie Is 78 And Has Recently Moved Into A Residential Care Setting In Waterford From Her Home In The Countryside: Care Skills Assignment, OC, Ireland

Bridie is 78 and has recently moved into a residential care setting in Waterford from her home in the countryside. All of Bridie’s family is scattered: her eldest daughter Mary is in America, her son Patrick is in Athlone with his family, and her youngest child Joan is in Australia. Bridie talks to her daughters over the phone regularly, especially Mary who phones each Sunday evening. Patrick and his family live about 3 hours away but they visit every two or three months. Bridie loves seeing her two grandchildren, Emma and Peter, though she feels she doesn’t know them well.

Bridie’s three children bought her a computer last Christmas and Patrick have continually tried to convince her to use it to keep in touch with the family. Bridie doesn’t feel comfortable around new technology and, besides, it’s not the same as a phone call with a ‘real voice’ at the end of the line. She experiences insecurity and is disillusioned with modern technology.

Bridie used to work part-time in a post office in a small village before she retired and she still misses the sense of belonging and contribution the job brought to her life. Bridie often thinks back to the years when she would meet everyone from the village on a daily basis at Mass, the local shops, and regular coffee mornings. Her sense of social belonging and participation has greatly changed since moving away from her country home and she feels a loss of worth and sense of belonging.

Now Bridie feels lonely and fills much of her time watching television. Her children have encouraged her to become involved in the activities organized in the residential setting, but she’s is finding it hard to adjust to the change in her living circumstances and is reluctant to join in with the activities. She always did want to do ballroom dancing, but now she has arthritis and has had a few risky falls she thinks that it’s better not to try dancing at this time in her life.

Bridie particularly misses seeing her best friend, Vera, with whom she has had less contact since moving into the residential setting. Bridie and Vera used to enjoy outings together to the hairdressers, to the café, and to the shops. Unfortunately, Bridie and Vera can only go out together when there is a nurse’s aide free to go with them.


You are required to identify and profile a distinct client (using the case study below or a client in your care setting) with a range of care needs and discuss the needs of this client in a care situation focusing on meeting the needs of the client in relation to his/her emotional, social and personal development.


  • Identify the health care needs of the chosen client
  • Discuss the care needs in terms of physical, emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual impact on the person
  • Discuss how these needs are being met
  • Identify required care equipment and other aids
  • Discuss procedures relating to the safety and security of the client in terms of meeting his/her needs
  • Discuss the importance of safe and hygienic work practices
  • Identify the key points that will contribute to an enhanced quality of life for the client
  • Identify reporting procedures for changes in clients wellbeing
  • Identify relevant records that must be maintained on clients summarise the discussion, draw conclusions and make relevant recommendations to better meet the client’s care

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