5N2770: You Are Required To Discuss The Prevention Of Pressure Sores: Care Skills Assignment, OC, Ireland

You are required to discuss the prevention of pressure sores. Your introduction should explain what your understanding of pressure sores is.

The main body of the assignment should outline:

  • The various ways of preventing pressure sores
  • The steps you would take to report any findings of possible pressure sores to your manager.

In conclusion, you are expected to reflect on what you have learned while completing this assignment. How will it impact your role as a healthcare assistant?


  1. Introduce your topic.
  2. Outline what you will cover in your project and your plan for how you will do this.
  3. State where you will obtain your information for your assignment from- e.g. Internet, books, articles & healthcare information, your own life experience or area of expertise. You can then reference this at the end of your work.

Main Body

  1. Identify the object of the assignment.
  2. Outline the steps you followed in order to complete your project and include all information you have researched.
  3. Ensure you cover the 4 questions asked of you in the brief. (Please note: you may use sub headings in this part of the report).


  1. Reflect on your project. E.g. What did you learn whilst completing this project? Would you make any changes if you could do it again? What impact has this project had on you in your role as a carer?

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