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Apr 10, 2023

Subject Code & Title :-  5OS02 Advances In Digital Learning And Development
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
This unit focuses on how digital technology can be used to enhance learning and development engagement It looks at existing and emerging learning technologies how the use of digital content and curation is designed to maximise interaction and the value of online learning communities.
5OS02 Advances In Digital Learning And Development Assignment – UK

CIPD’s insights
The future of technology and learning – CIPD report

This CIPD report reflects on the strategic aims and uptake of digital learning in organisations. The research draws on data from the Towards Maturity Benchmark Survey an internationally recognised longitudinal study on the effective implementation of learning innovation based on the input of over 6,000 organisations and 40,000 learners gathered since 2003.

Technology is a vital part of working life, with organisations using digital tools to enhance their learning and development strategies. However technology changes quickly. Learning and development practitioners must choose the right technology for their learning strategies while being wary of the hype surrounding new digital tools. We hope that this report its recommendations and accompanying framework provide some ‘food for thought’ on technology and digital learning.

The impact of emerging technologies on work – CIPD report

The CIPD and Loughborough University’s report gathers evidence and insights on emerging technology at work and explores the ethical implications of how we’re currently adopting new technology. It can be used to explore how organisations can ensure people remain at the heart of work.

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