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Apr 10, 2023

Subject Code & Title :- 5RST/05 Resourcing And Talent Planning
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Learning outcomes:
1.Under stand key contemporary labour market trends and their significance for work force planning.
2.Be able to undertake talent planning and recruitment activities
3.Under stand how to maximise employee retention
4.Know how to manage dismissal redundancy and retirement effectively and lawfully.
5RST/05 Resourcing And Talent Planning Assignment – UK

Assessment brief/activity
You are required to provide written responses to each of the following seven questions:

Question 1 :-
Your organisation is based in two different countries the UK and another country of your choice. Write a short account which briefly assesses the labour market trends in each country. In your account briefly explain the significance of tight and loose labour market conditions and how organisations position themselves strategically in competitive labour markets.

Question 2 :-
Give a brief description of the role of government employers and trade unions in ensuring future skills needs are met.

Question 3 :-
Briefly describe the main principles of effective work force planning and give some examples of any tools that may be used for this.

Question 4 :-
1.Develop and provide a basic succession and career development plan

2.Provide evidence to show your contribution to plans for downsizing an organisation

3.Provide evidence to show your contribution to the development of job descriptions person specifications and competency frameworks.

Question 5
Explain some of the main legal requirements in relation to recruitment and selection and briefly assess the strengths and weaknesses of at least two different methods of recruitment and selection.

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