66-407205 Personal And Professional Development Assignment – UK

Task details and instructions :-
Written assignment (2500 words).
The assessment task is a written assignment in which you will demonstrate your personal and professional development as well as your learning from the module. You will demonstrate an under standing of key module topics as well as self awareness and reflection by identifying your personal strengths and areas for development. You will use elements from your portfolio and draw these together to create and evidence based reflections and an action plan for your future development.

You may wish to use the following format as a guide:

Introduction (200 – 250 words): Present the assignment briefly setting the scene.

Main body (1500 words):  You will discuss core professional issues that under pin inter professional health and social care practice referring to your own profession and to your own personal development supporting your writing with appropriate literature.

Consider the following areas:

 The principles of professional practice in health and social care relevant to your profession such as values ethics professional behaviours codes of conduct etc.
 Reflect on your role as a collaborative worker use examples from your experiences of collaborative working, small group work as well as using the Blackboard materials self-directed study and relevant previous work or learning environment.
 Explore the effectiveness of different various forms of communication and discuss your preferred communication style using example from your previous experiences during the module and/or placement. Relate this to your future clinical practice.
 Demonstrate self awareness and evidence of reflective learning by identifying your own development needs. You must relate these too elements of professional practice/learning you have discussed.

66-407205 Personal And Professional Development Assignment – UK

Conclusion (250 words): Conclude by summarising the key points of your assignment.

Action Plan (500 words):-
At the end of your assignment you should include a SMART action plan for your future development which should be presented in a table. The action plan MUST come after your conclusion but before the reference list. Your action plan should contain 4 or 5 targets which must relate to the areas you have discussed in your assignment.

Your targets should be SMART:
 Specific – be precise and focussed
 Measurable – to you know when you have achieved your target
 Achievable – make sure it is feasible in your current situation
 Realistic – you’ll need sufficient resources capability and opportunity
 Timely – is your target short medium or long term set a specific end point.

Presentation format :-
 Your work MUST be presented electronically
 Use a clear font such as Arial Verdana or Times New Roman using font size 12 and black text colour.
 Your work should be submitted in Microsoft Word format for example .doc or .docx file type. All SHU computers have Microsoft Word installed. If you are using your home computer and you don’t have Word installed or use a Mac you can either use your free SHU Office 365 account to create your assignments in Word online download and then upload the document to grade centre OR to create the assignment in Pages and export to Word then upload.
 Text should be presented using double line spacing except for quotes over two lines long which should be indented and single spaced as per SHU referencing Guidelines.
 Pages must be clearly numbered.
 Avoid using bullet points. It is preferable to express your ideas using complete and structured sentences.
 Leave yourself time to proofread for errors and omissions. Marks will be lost if assignments contain numerous errors of grammar spelling, and style or if cited references and the reference list do not match or the source material is not properly incorporated in the text.
 Use the front page provided with the following information detailed in the example at the end of this document.
 If you have a Learning Contract please ensure that you copy the wording of the sticker given to you by the dis abled student support team on to the front page of your assignment

Module learning outcomes :-
On successful completion of this assessment you will be able to:
1. Identify the principles of professionalism in health and social care relevant to your own professional context.
2.Reflect on your personal development in relation to the principles of professionalism in health and social care practice.
3. Identify select and apply appropriate communication methods and collaborative skills in your academic and professional practice.
4. Present your work appropriately for an academic or professional audience.

Subject Knowledge and Understanding
To complete this element successfully you need to …..

Demonstrate a level of subject knowledge and under standing of the principles of professional practice including communication and collaborative practice in health and social care relevant to your own professional practice.

You should refer to appropriate professional body standards and use core texts and appropriate literature to support your discussion.

Intellectual Skills: including under standing  judgement analysis evaluation and synthesis.

To complete this element successfully you need to ……Identify reflect upon and demonstrate an under standing of key factors of your own personal and professional development.

Subject specific skills and application to practice
To complete this element successfully you need to …..

Relate your own development needs to the elements of professional practice/learning you have discussed. You should demonstrate your development needs using a SMART action plan.

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