6C21517: Evaluate A Website Used By An Early Learning And Care Setting: Advanced Professional Practice Placement In Early Learning & Care Assignment, UCC, Ireland


I am doing this for the purpose to evaluate a website used by an Early Learning and Care Setting. In this assignment I am going to be assessing a website for Early Years Setting. I am going to be researching the services they provide, the marketing materials they use, the layout of the website, the age range of both the staff and the children, the cultures protrayed in the setting and also if I think the setting is inclusive and accessible to all children in the area. The age range of both the staff and the children. I will also state if I think the setting is inclusive or accessible.

Research and critically evaluate a website or alternative marketing materials used by an ELC setting:

The name of the setting I have researched is Buttercups Childcare. It is based in Ballylanders. The settings they provide is a Breakfast Club, Preschool room and an Afterschool room. They are also setting up a creche room which should be opening in September 2023. (O’ Brien, Buttercup childcare 2014)

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