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May 02, 2023



There are many ways which can implemented to achieve the goal of encryption and decryption to keep information confidential. It is also worth noting that the science of cryptography has evolved especially in the last ten years. Evidence of cryptography can be traced about four thousand years ago starting from the use of hieroglyph. This was a technique used by Egyptians to communicate. Here the code was secret and was used only by scribes who were sent by kings to transmit messages. Later it moved to what was known mono-alphabetic solution. This involved the art of replacing alphabets of the message with other alphabets. It then came the Caesar shift cipher. In the 15th century came what was known as vigenere coding which offered moving of alphabets in a message. In 19th century experienced the ad hoc approaches. In the 20th century was the invention of the electromechanical machines like enigma rotor machine. In the current 21st century we have experience the use of symmetric and asymmetric algorithms. One of the widely used in cryptography is the RSA algorithm developed by adi Shamir and Ronald Rivest. The algorithms use two different keys that is the private and public key i.e. also known as public-key cryptography. This means that the algorithm uses both private and public lets. Here public key is known to everyone, i.e. it is made public. The key is used to encrypt the message. Nevertheless, the message cannot be decrypted without the private the key.  As compared to other types of algorithm RSA is more dependable and secure.  Example of companies which have implemented RSA type of algorithm are Asus, Lenovo, HP and Acer (Zhou, 2020, p. 7).  As highlighted in the previous section, symmetric type of cryptography has been used in this case. This is a type of encryption where only one key known as secret key which has been used for both decryption and encryption.

Cryptographic Application

Application Design

As highlighted in the previous section the application design has implemented symmetric type of algorithms. One of the major feature of the application design is the use of one key known as secret key to encrypt and decrypt the file or the folder (Mahajan, 2019, p. 24). The systems or those entities communicating symmetrically must exchange the key so that they can be used in the decryption process. By using symmetric algorithm, data needs to be converted to a form in which it can’t be understood by anyone who doesn’t possess the secret key. In this case the type of algorithm implemented is what is known as block algorithm i.e. as data is processes the system holds the data in its memory as it waits for complete block.

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