6N1933: Consider How The Early Years’ Environment Affords Opportunities To Support: Early Learning Environment Assignment, OC, Ireland

Section 1:

Introduction and Aims

Section 2:

The Early Years’ Environment

Consider how the Early Years’ Environment affords opportunities to support the developmental needs of the children, across all domains. You must relate theory to practice regarding the early learning curriculum, ensuring that the work of child development and principal learning theorists are evident.

Section 3:

Critical Evaluation through Primary Research

Demonstrating your use of primary research skills, such as observation records, interviews, surveys, photographs or diagram of environment layout and collaboration, evaluate your findings on the environment.

Section 4:


Detail a range of recommendations on how to improve the environment– include reasons as to why you are proposing those recommendations and the benefits they would bring.

Section 5:      

Implementation Planning

Devise an implementation plan to demonstrate how the proposed recommendations could be taken forward to enhance the Early Years Environment and the learning opportunities afforded to the children.

Section 6:



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