6N2023: Annie Is 10 Years Old And She Has Autism. She Has Attended A Special School For Children With Autism Since She Was Five Years Old: Child Psychology Assignment, OC, Ireland

Annie is 10 years old and she has Autism. She has attended a special School for children with autism since she was five years old. Annie is non-verbal and communicates using Lámh and PECS.

Annie is leaving this school in six weeks and in September will join a mainstream school. Her Special Needs assistant, Mary will work with Annie at school all day every day.

Annie has visited the mainstream school several times now to ease her transition into this new environment. She signs and uses her PECS book to communicate with her Special needs assistant. However, Annie gets frustrated easily as the other children cannot sign using Lámh, nor do they understand the concept of a PECS book.

Annie’s parents are concerned because she does not seem to be herself and is very tired in the evenings. Indeed Annie’s mom had to pick her up early from primary school on Friday as Annie began to scream and nobody knew what to do.

You work in Annie’s Special School and later today her mom is coming in to discuss with you how you can work together to make this transition easier for Annie.

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