6N4329: Identify What All Insurance Covers Are Essential For This Company Through: Supervisory Management Assignment, OC, Ireland

Requirement 1: 

Identify what all insurance covers are essential for this company through a detailed analysis of the business risks which justify insurance cover.

Requirement 2: 

What suitable policies and procedures would you consider necessary for establishing and maintaining effective lines of communication with clients, colleagues, higher management and other relevant third parties.

Requirement 3: 
What suitable policies and procedures would you adopt for ensuring delivery of high-quality services to all clients including feedback systems and supervision.

Requirement 4: 
As part of your preparation for the training session, you are required to develop a 3-day training plan in a standard tabulated format for new employees that is suitable and relevant for the company.

Requirement 5: 
Flowing from the above Training Plan, you are required to develop one Session plan in a standard tabulated format.

Requirement 6:
Demonstrate how will you evaluate and assess the training session, when completed, in order to measure outcomes as below:

a) understanding and achievement of the training objectives.
b) An aide-memoire on lessons-learnt for yourself, as the training organiser, for the future.
c) Perspective of the higher management on the return-on-investment of time and resources devoted to this training.

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