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Apr 04, 2023

Subject Code & Title : 7056SOH Global Healthcare Management
Word Limit : 1000 words
Lung Cancer remains a leading cause of death across the World (American Cancer society,2015)Smoking Tobacco is a significant risk factor in developing lung cancer.policies to reduce the impact of smoking are designed to reduce lung cancer and other smoking related diseases.using the united kingdom and japan as example,critically evaluate how these countries have implemented anti-smoking policies and their effectiveness.
7056SOH Global Health care Management Assignment – Coventry University UK.

American cancer society,global cancer facts & figures 3 edition.Atlanta:American Cancer society 2015.

Coursework 2
South Africa has the highest prevalence of HIV in the world.the rates of HIV among adole scent girls and young women aged between 15-24 are disproportionally high within the population.Identify two or three key policies have been put into practice in this country and critically evaluate how they have been implemented to reduce the impact of this infection among women aged 15-24 years old.

Illustrate your discussion with examples and cases explored through academic literature researched that demonstrates your critical application of the learning outcomes.your answer should be comprehensive and meet each of the learning are allowed +/- 10% of the word limit.marks are awarded in accordance with the above brief,clearly demonstrating achievement of the learning outcomes and the marking rubric

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