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Mar 30, 2023

Subject Code & Title : 7069SOH HLS Faculty Postgraduate
In order to successfully pass this module a student is required to pass both components of the coursework below:
Word Count: 3000 word
Assignment Type : Individual Report
Coursework 2:
3000-word individual report addressing Learning Outcomes 2 -4
This assessment component counts for 15 credits
In 3000 words, addressing learning outcomes 2-4, complete the following assessment task:
Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of resource planning and management in a health system you are familiar with, focusing on the following key areas:
7069SOH HLS Faculty Postgraduate Assessment – Coventry University UK.

  1. Priority setting and decision-making processes
  2. Workforce planning and development
  3. Human resource and talent management

Prepare a business case for improvement in one of the key areas that maximizes the strengths and addresses the areas of weakness you have identified.

Your individual report will be assessed using the HLS Faculty Postgraduate Assessment Marking Rubric and the coursework 2 assessment guidelines, which you will find in the appendices in the module guide.

For coursework 2 please comply with the following submission guidance:

It is important to you and the tutors that your project is written and presented in a professional manner. The following requirements must be adhered to in the format of assignments:

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Total: GBP120

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