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Oct 24, 2021

Final Assignment


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Executive Summary

This particular report provides a critical insight over .. and the primary objective of the strategic plan was to .. The strategic plan had been developed through the aim of expansion of the companys business at an international level and through understating the internal and .. The strategy is meant to complement and analysed based on the revised strategic plan and the organisational capabilities had been understood strategic direction to emerge as a global

leader within the aluminium Manufacturing industry. The different factors impacting the organisational process such as internal factors have been analysed through .

This provided clear and .. model for ensuring organisational sustainability. The report has . chain. Based on the data available and information the global strategy had been developed and it can be recommended 

Table of Contents




Aims/ Objectives5


    1. Vision statement6
    2. Mission Statements6
    3. Organisational value Statement6
    1. Company background and strategic movement6
    2. Strategic Plan7
    1. MEAs Core Competency9
    2. MEAs Distinctive Competency9
    3. Porters Grand Competitive Strategy9
  5. Value chain11
    1. Comparative advantage:13
    2. organisational structure13
  6. External Environment Analysis13
    1. SWOT Analysis13
    2. PESTLE Analysis14
  7. Organisational strategy15
    1. Diversification strategy15
    2. Vertical Integration strategy15
    3. Horizontal integration strategy15

8.0 Global strategy15

  1. Strategy implementation17
    1. Key elements17
    2. Associated risks18
  2. Evaluation and control18
    1. Evaluating the effectiveness of the implemented strategy18
    2. KPIs
    3. Monitoring performance across business functions19
    4. Strategic decisions20
  1. Organisational change20
  2. Change initiatives20
  3. Anticipated results21

12.0 Conclusions and recommendations21




The Middle East Aluminium (MEA) did not take much time to achieve significant

 Behind this excellent development, the reason is the suitable size and nature of the company  With this growth and by detecting the internal capabilities along with , the company has successfully captured the global

market through achieving competitive advantage over 

Aims/ Objectives

The primary aims this research is constructing a and

help them to maximise the business through the effective operation and can extract the global market through Therefore, the overall aim is achieving

the As per this aim, the objectives of this report are as


  • Determine the statement regarding 
  • Defining the basic and significant competencies of


  • Analysing and describing the value chain, dealing with the supplier, internal process ad customer relationship of the organisation.
  • Explaining the current and future diversification strategies


  • Suggesting how the MEA can implement the proposed plan that can drive


  • Reviewing the efficiency of the strategies that as per

.Finance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, etc.


The current report considers the .. drive the company to achieve the goals and objectives and attract the For

this, respective objectives are defined in the above and that can be also considered within the scope of the study. In this report, the vision and mission of the statements of the company

. of internal and external factors ( Besides, the process regarding the implementation of the strategy and KPI based analysis to review considered within the recommendation part of this report.

    1. Vision statement

The company as MEA intended to ensure significant growth in the Middle East and international. to establish long-term growth and market share by maximising business in the global market as the largest multi-site aluminium products producer. Moreover, the . manufacturers by ensuring the company operating its business functions as per the global regulations.

  1. Mission Statements

The mission statement of MEA can be determined by following

 Therefore the mission statement the company is introducing as the largest .

  1. Organisational value Statement

By following the mission and vision of the organisation, the organisational value statement will be Establishing as  competitive advantage, social responsibility and ethical integrity along with high-end-customer support.

    1. Company background and strategic movement

The .. was founded five years ago and now they are multinational ..and have offices and divisions across Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait as well as in the market of Middle East. In the business journey, the company has achieved different manufacture grade as 

Besides, the company is involved in manufacturing a few customised products as per the requirements and suggestions of the consumers (Freeman,2010). In recent times, the MEA

acquire raw materials as As there is no Cast House in the

other operational divisions of the MEA, 

After the foundation, in between just 4 years that is a very short time, the organisation has successfully achieved significant growth that supported 

By looking at these aims and objectives, the company has

They have also considered the relevant internal and external factors


  1. Strategic Plan

The MEA has not only considered the significant growth in the Middle East market but also considered global expansion and the competitive 

However, to achieve the competitive advantage over the large organisations in the companies within the international market, the company should ensure sustainable advantage by offering emerging products When the organisation will detect the

proper context of competitive advantage, it will be easy for them to determine in which they need to focus such  Therefore, the internal and external factors should be analysed and diversification of currently used strategies that help to add value in the product lifestyle (Pearce 2000). These defined parameters will assist to enhance their performance as they can 


For the identifications of key stakeholders of the company, it is important to

The key stakeholders of the company are described in

 as per the stakeholders matrix and exceptions of them.

The interested people and parties in the development of the company are such as the owner of the company, . The interest and expectations of these parties will help the organisation to archive its strategic goals and objectives, as well as global expansion and markets,  Besides, the group of stakeholders are intended to focus on the long-term development of the company as they can

become a market. However, the owner of the organisation

and the equity holders have much interest in enhancing the core competencies of the organisation (Ansoff 2019). The employees as a main performance moderator, are looking for their intrinsic and extrinsic needs and that can be


The stakeholder analysis in the above presents that their interest should be incorporated

 Thus, the strategic plan will be such that it can facilitate the process of achieving long-term development and expansion in the


    1. MEAs Core Competency

The fundamental competency of the company is locations of its offices and divisions across Saudi Arabia, Jordan Core competencies can be defined as

the features and activities that provide advantages over other companies in the same sector (Fleischmann 2006). The business functions and market of product selling not only limited in the above places but 

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