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Apr 04, 2023

Subject Code & Title : 7124SOH Advancing Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapy Practice
Assessment Type : Assignment
Word Count : 1500 word + / – 10%
Introduction :-This assessment brief is designed to clearly present the assessment task and marking
rubric. It begins with a short module overview. For more detail about the module, how it is organised, the support available and the submission of coursework please see the module guide. This assessment brief provides you with information about the assessment and should be read in conjunction with the Module Descriptor found on the Module
Information Directory (MID).

Aim of the Module :-
The aim of this module is to develop your theoretical and clinical knowledge of the assessment and management of patients with cardio-respiratory dysfunction. You will be encouraged to critically appraise and evaluate the under pinning theory, evidence base and practical application of contemporary cardio-respiratory physiotherapy practice.
The module provides the opportunity for you to integrate your learning into your own clinical practice and develop your clinical reasoning skills.

Learning Outcomes :-
On completion of this module the student should be able to:
1.Critically discuss the principles of assessment and management within cardio respiratory practice.
2.Critically analyse the theoretical basis of cardio-respiratory physiotherapy and its integration into a bio-psychosocial model of practice.
3.Evaluate and critically appraise existing cardio-respiratory physiotherapy practice.
4.Communicate in depth clinical reasoning effectively with colleagues

Method of Assessment :-
A 15-minute video recorded presentation linked to a case study with a 1500 word supporting document.

Overview :- During the 15 minute video presentation and in combination with your supporting document, you will demonstrate your critical review of the patient scenario. There are three case studies, you need to choose one case study for your coursework assessment.This can be found on Aula in the assessment tab. The critical review includes your clinical reasoning and clinical decision making regarding your case from a Physiotherapy perspective.

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