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Apr 10, 2023

Module Code  & Title :-  7BUS2043 Integrated Management Research Project
Assignment Format & Maximum Word count :- Research Project Proposal
(research brief)
Assignment Weighting :- 20%
Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:
 Determine and apply academic knowledge and research skills to a business issues in a reflexive and  ethical manner;
 Critically engage with the literature relevant to their selected area of research;
 Structure their theoretical understandings to prepare and present a research proposal and then develop  this into a professional integrated research project;
 Synthesise relevant theory and methodological techniques using a range of sources and data applying them to their chosen topic, problem, or organisation.
7BUS2043 Integrated Management Research Project Assignment – UK

Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment:
 Create a professional management report demonstrating their ability to self manage their research while working professionally with a supervisor;
Appraise and apply knowledge and skills acquired throughout their programme to independently produce  a  research project in an integrative and original manner;
 Critically reflect on their writing demonstrating academic precision about their research subject (project)

Assessment Brief :-
be requested in advance of the submission deadline. Please give your reason(s) for needing an extension –in writing).

Detailed Brief for Individual Assessment
Assignment title:

Research Proposal for Integrated Management Research

Description of the assignment task content and structure:
Each student is required to produce an individual Research Project Proposal which is the starting point and foundation of their research project. The marking criteria BELOW provides a possible format for the presentation of your proposal. Additional guidance notes will be available.

At the point of submitting this assignment students should have undertaken considerable reading on their topic so that they know that they have clear research material to set a strong context around the topic. In this way they can explore their objectives fully so that they can be reasonably sure that they have enough material to be able to develop their topic further for the benefit of other researchers or businesses that they can answer their research question).

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