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Apr 10, 2023

Module 7CN007 Strategic Construction Project and Programme Management
Assessment Number 1
% of module mark 100%
Hand-in – what? Report and Presentation
Hand-in- where? Canvas Upload Task
Pass mark 50%
Method of retrieval Resit – July 2021
Learning outcomes:
Learning Outcome 1 Work, lead and manage within an effective team
environment whilst assisting the client with the creation of the business case to support the programme or project.(CLO3)
7CN007 Strategic Construction Project And Programme Management Assignment-UK.

Learning Outcome 2 Deal with complex issues both systematically and
creatively, make sound judgements in the absence of complete data and communicate their conclusions clearly to specialist and non-specialist audiences using a variety of skills and media appropriately (CLO6)

Learning Outcome 3 Appraise, critique and evaluate the advantages of the art and science of effective and efficient programme and project management within a variety of strategic contexts (CLO1)

Case Study and Tasks
This is an individual assignment that has several sections contained within one report and appended evidence – a portfolio. (6000 words maximum). Cover sheets, abstracts, reference lists and appended information are not considered part of the word count. You will need to fully apply aspects known about the project and apply modern methods of strategic construction project management in order to answer this brief. The work must demonstrate engagement with academic debate and justification for assumptions and conclusions reached.

Project Background
The owners of a private educational institution – a technical college with a focus on IT and Technology has acquired a 12 acre brownfield site on the outskirts of a large town in your Country. They have a vision for the creation of a secondary school and a higher education facility that incorporates all levels through secondary and further education and culminate with higher education teaching research and awards to PhD

They have had some concept work done by architects that suggests that, for many reasons including legal, they need to create separate projects to accommodate the secondary school equivalent for ages 11 to 18 and that the 18 plus building should accommodate both further and higher education facilities. The combined college site will give opportunities for sharing of infrastructure, specialist and support facilities together with support from the local council who have included this in their 10 year
vision and proposed nearby plans for new residential, leisure and commercial sites together with transport changes such as rerouting of busses, metro stops and car parks.

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