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Mar 31, 2023

Module Code :- 7ENT1128
Module Title :- Lean Manufacturing and Services
Assignment Briefing :-
SCENARIO: You need to design the assembly line and warehouse layout for the Tesla Model 3 rear brake hub knuckle and suspension. Assume that the facility is separate from the rest of the Tesla factory and that the parts will be delivered to the facility (see appendix 1) and after being assembled be shipped to the Tesla factory.
7ENT1128 Lean Manufacturing And Services Assignment-Hertfordshire University UK.

Part of your consideration is that you will need to hire a building to do this and you need to design a layout before selecting an appropriate building. You are considering a number of square buildings of different sizes available to you and you wish to hire the smallest building possible to minimize on rent heating lighting and other costs. Both the assembly line and the warehouse layout need to be in the same building separated by a STRAIGHT wall. More over you also need to consider the ongoing costs of running your forklift truck(s) inside the plant.

Thus for this assignment you are to design the assembly line layout and adjoining warehouse layout as well as each work station’s layout (according to the demand stated below) for a Tesla model 3’s rear axle assembly for the parts shown in appendix 1, based on a demand for parts for 200 vehicles a day.

For this process, assume that:
Stations 1, 2 & 3A & 3B (represented below) assemble their sub-assemblies in parallel at the same rate which are combined at station 4. Completed assembles are then transported to the warehouse.

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