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Jun 11, 2024

Assignment Task

7HR01 - Influences on Employment Relations Strategies

A critical evaluation of the different perspectives on employment relations and how they influence the roles of people professionals.

When conducting your critical evaluation, areas you could include are:

1st Adjustment: A critical analysis of the styles adopted in various organizations, identifying similarities, differences, and their impact on `good employment relations`.

2nd Adjustment: Examples of cooperation and conflict within the employment relationship across different organizational contexts.

3rd Adjustment: Evaluation of employer strategies towards trade unions and their effectiveness.

4th Adjustment: Reviewing ways in which people professionals can foster positive employment relations at work.

An organization`s employment relations strategy is influenced by various external and internal factors, including competitive pressures, globalization, institutional frameworks like the CIPD, employers` organizations, Acas, as well as internal culture, mission, and vision.

You`ve been tasked with writing a report for your HR Director or Vice President of People, evaluating current policy and practice.

The report should be structured into three sections:

Section 1:

1st Adjustment: Review the employment relations practices at the organizational level, focusing on how they are shaped by short-term competitive pressures.

2nd Adjustment: Analyze the changing nature of work across different sectors of the economy.

Section 2:

1st Adjustment: Review evidence of external sources of advice contributing to people management decisions, emphasizing appropriate forms of voice for different organizational types.

2nd Adjustment: Critically analyze how different forms of informal and direct voice could enhance organizational performance and employee outcomes.

Section 3:

1st Adjustment: Critically analyze the role of collective bargaining in determining pay and contractual issues in organizations.

2nd Adjustment: Assess the impact of negotiations between employers and employee associations/trade unions on problem resolution.

This report is directed to a Director, so it should be professionally laid out, incorporating extensive research, analysis, and original thinking while adhering to the assessment principles outlined on page 3.

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