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Mar 30, 2023

Module code: 7HR527 Credit Value:
Length : (– 1,600 words (+ / – 10%) )
This module aims to equip you with the professional skills you will need as you develop your career and move into more senior leadership roles. Through an experiential approach, you will develop critical skills in business including
communication, self-management, and self-direction. This module also provides an oversight and appreciation of the challenges of professional working. The module develops your academic study skills, your ability to critically review information and your referencing skills.
7HR527 Transforming Personal Skills Assignment – UK.

The development of a portfolio of academic and practical skills will underpin your study at postgraduate level, and support your journey through the programme and within your professional context.

Module assessment:
Component 1: COURSEWORK

Summary of Assessment Method :- Portfolio
An academic and practical reflective enquiry designed to enhance individual student’s academic
study skills and professional skills (4,000 words).
Weighting : Pass/Fail (100%) Assesses Learning Outcomes : – 1-3
Full details of the assessment will be provided during session time – as indicated in the Module Schedule. In broad terms, the assessment will include: ( Production of a portfolio which includes the following five elements
o Elements 1 -4- evaluation of the usefulness of reflection from your personal findings and perspective as a student

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