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Apr 27, 2023
  1. Summary

    You will write a case report based on your organisation (or any organisation you are familiar with) to critically evaluate its strategic HRM by examining its policies, practices and procedures against the employee-centred sustainable HRM approaches that have been discussed in the prescribed article below (Richards, 2020).


    Learning outcomes

    1. Demonstrate advanced understanding of strategic human resource management theory and its application in practice. (SLO1).
    2. Critically evaluate, and recommend improvements to existing human resource management strategies. (SLO2).
    3. Identify and evaluate different perspectives and contemporary trends, and their impact on strategic HRM. (SLO3).
    4. Design and effectively communicate an evidence based human resource management initiative with consideration to ethical concerns. (SLO4).



    Read the following case study:

    Richards, J 2022, `Putting employees at the centre of sustainable HRM: A review, map and research agenda`, Employee Relations: The International Journal, vol. 44, no. 3, pp. 533-554, DOI:10.1108/ER-01-2019-0037.

    According to Richards (2020), Sustainable HRM is built on the principles of Strategic HRM and focuses on broad organisational goals in a number of areas, and not just "business" goals. Central to this study is the employee-centred approach to sustainable HRM where employee interests are privileged over employer agendas. Based on your reading of this article and your understanding of the HRM theories, concepts and principles that you have learned in this subject, your task is to:

    • Critically evaluate your organisation`s strategic HRM approach (or any rganisation you are familiar with) by examining its policies, practices and procedures. Focus on the employee-centred sustainable HRM practices as discussed by Richards (2020) that you believe to be the most important and/or relevant for your organisation.
    • Recommend improvements to existing human resource management strategies. Your recommendation must provide tangible actions that your chosen organisation can adopt to help it achieve its employee-centred sustainable HRM outcomes. You must also explain how your recommendations will help the organisation achieve its strategic goals and objectives.
    • Please ensure you begin your assignment by providing an introduction to the organisation.



    The required word length for the assignment is 3000 words (+ 10%)

    • This assessment requires you to use a minimum of ten (10) credible academic sources in addition to your textbook.
    • You must appropriately acknowledge all sources of information in your assessment with the Harvard author-date style of referencing
    • The title page, table of contents, executive summary, reference list, and appendix are not included in the word count.


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