A/615/2677 Finance For Strategic Managers.


Pietro Yon, a local businessman, owns and manages a number of retail stores that sell a range of homewares.

Pietro is a member of the local business Chamber of Commerce and has been asked to chair a committee to research and study the success of Samsung PLC. The Chamber believes that there may be some useful learning from this study which members of the Chamber could use. You have been asked to provide specialist support to the committee and you are required to produce a range of materials for members of the committee to use.

Task 1 – Financial Data and Strategic Decision Making

You must produce a presentation for Pietro Yon to use at the next meeting of the Chamber of Commerce. The presentation should be based on your research of Samsung PLC and other relevant information. It must be accompanied by supporting notes.
Your presentation must include the following:

• An evaluation of the sources of financial data which can be used to inform business strategy.

• An assessment of the need for financial data and information in relation to the formulation of business strategy.

• An analysis of the risks related to financial business decisions.

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