A Comparison of Powder by Tobias Wolff and Shaving by Leslie Norris

Often, two different stories have very much in common. Two authors with completely different styles often write very similar stories. Tobias Wolff’s “Powder” and Leslie Norris’ “Shaving” have many similarities. They are comparable in their themes, plot and relationships. owder” share is that change is necessary The best example of a theme that “Shavin for a more mature and happy life. In “Shaving”, Barry has a rite of passage that is forced upon him. Due to his dad’s failing health, Barry has weak to do it himself. This rite of passage makes Barry a mat es he learn to take care of his father, but he le he household when his father is no there anymore. The author says about Barry, “Not long ago they had been small bare hands, not very long ago.” This helps the reader realize that the change is occurring as he reads. In “Powder”, ry nervous at any time in which the little boy started off as an obsessiv o enjoy himself in the face something bad could happen. At the en of danger. He thinks to himself, ” I knew we’d get caught; I was resigned to it. And maybe for this reason I stopped moping and began to enjoy myself. ” This change helps make the boy realiz hat he will have more fun in life if he is more daring. Because of similar themes, these two stories also have a similar plot. These two stories are very s stories have to do with a son spending time with his father.
In “Shaving”, Barry spends time with his father when he helps him shave. Barr most of their knows that there could be illed with unreasoning protective together. As the author was describing Barry she said, “B he boy is spending time with his love. He lifted the razor and began to shave father on a ski trip . On the way home, the boy tries to make the most of the time because he realized that afte this trip he might not be spending time with his father in a while because his mother might be very e that that their relationships with their upset and forbid him to see his father. Both childre stories, there are relationships parents might soon be coming to an end. W between a father and son that develop throughout the story. “Shaving” and “Powder” also have similar relationships. Both stories have relationships between a father and a son. Throughout each story, the relationships improved. In “Shaving”, as Barry took upon his role as a mature adult, and shaved his father, he became very close with his father. The author said, “He held his father in the bend of his strong arm and they looked at each get along in life with each other’s help. I ther. Their heads were very close.” They learned “Powder”, the son and father grew together to learn to have fun together. The boy thought about his father, “I actually trusted him. And the best was yet to come.” By the end of the story, the two of them were having a great time in the face of danger. Both of these stories describe a rite o passage of two relationships, not only characters. These two relationships greatly changed throughout the story. stories. Their themes, characters, and In conclusion, “Shaving” and “Powder” are very similar relationships make these two stories have a lot in common. These stories are a good example of two milar messages. When the reader reads stories taking place in a different location that sha stories, he should always be on the lookout for similarities, even if they are unexpected.

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