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May 08, 2023
  1. A Deck is nothing more than a PowerPoint presentation. This is becoming a more popular method of submitting marketing and business proposals. For this week use your content from your Product Proposal, Marketing Plan and Forecasting report to create your Marketing Plan Deck.You have built all the parts for this each week. Now put it all together in a Deck1. You have been planning this since week 2 with your product propsal.2. Provide some introductory text and product descriiption.3. Describe your market placement and pricing strategies4. Discuss your market customer demographics5. Include your marketing plan done a few weeks back6. Include your forecasting plan done a few weeks back7. Provide a conclusion and implementation planYour final Deck should be a minimum of 25 slides. Be sure to add slide notes to provide additional information on each slide.For the pricing strategies can you just make up some numbers for me thanks in advance. I really need like 20 slides but don’t have the money but i will take what can give me.


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