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May 16, 2023
In this paper, I need to establish a historical trajectory of events and information that has affected how hispanics identify specifically as it relates to their black roots. I need to demostrate different points of view that are relavent to this, important people, racial and socioeconomic factors, significant events, ways hispanics have been educated both in their origin countries and in America. Being that this paper demonstrates hispanics recognizing their afro-latinoness, and struggling to recognize it due to events and stigmas in hispanic communities. Its important to specifically talk about Americas influence on that relationship in terms of immigration, hispanic communities how they interact with black communties and their identity, education, policies and politics, communities in america, afro-latino organizations and movements, economics, Music, food, culture, and other impoartant factors that you may find in your research. The previous sentence is also valid for examples in origin countries, examples include, dominican republic, Mexico, other south american countries; however, you dont have to account for all versions of hispanic people as there were many countries made due to spanish conquest and slavery and the african diaspora. Spanish settler colonialism and mixing with enslaved populations established the countries and people we now call afro-latinos, hispanics, etc. How is this story manipulated and taught? what are hispanics relationship with this story (what are they taught in school, at home, etc)? how do they reject blackness and make other black communities seem other to them? How have they embraced it and grown to embrace it as times changed? How are origin countries still perpetuating colorism and stigmas against blackness and black people? Examples that i know of are arturo schaumburg in terms of embracing afro-latinoness, and the relationship between haitains and dominicans, schools in dominican republic, policies and imigration there, lynchings there, and the fact that americas involvement in DR spurred black hatred due to depcitions of black people coming from America of african americans. There are many examples of how afro-latino people both reject and embrace their blackness, you have to establish a trajectory of events that show how this story has changed throughout history from the 19th century to the end of the 20th century. You can bleed into the 21st century if its relavent but nothing past 2010, and it might be relavent to give background info that goes back to before the 19th century. Nonetheless the minimum requirement for a block of historical trajectory is 100-150 years. Regardless whats important is that you pick a good starting point from which you can show a trajectory of growth both negative and positive in how hispanic people identify or dont identify with their blackness and reject or accept other black bodies and ideas that they are black (afro-latino). Everything must be based in fact and event, and connects important events that affected hispanic thought, identity, socialness, etc centered around the idea of blackness.


None of the information can be yours or my perspective, thoughts, arguments, on the subject or how they feel, nothing can be biased or assumed. Everything must be historical information based in who what when where why and how, and the different parties, perspectives, feelings, etc that were relavent in the times your are talking about.

times new roman 11 point font. Must be on a word document in which i can edit and alter anything I wish upon submission.

4 of the pages must be a literature review. All sources must be peer reviewed, and/or be a valid source. 10 of the sources must be books . Please do use a mix of books, websites, journal articles, documentaries, or anything else that would be relavent. There must be a bibliography, everything in turabian style, and all of the sources should be accessible by the teacher. No unusable links. I would like a way to review the sources that are used in the essay. Use more or less resources than specified if necessary, there is no limit on how many resources you can use, but you cant go lower than 15. However, you must include everything that you do use no matter how small, as i must be able to justify and establish where i got any of the information from.

I am available at anytime to clarify anything. And please do ask questions as this paper tackles some complicated topics, and if i’ve not made it clear what I want you to do and talk about, I would rather you ask me than assume. I also am asking you to research and figure out where your starting from and ending so I can understand if you may not be exactly certain on what I want.

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