A New Idea and New Goals Are Implemented

Everyone gets new ideas every day from their everyday routines by doing/looking at something in a museum, watching videos, etc. I came with an Idea that people today do. With the idea, I still grab hold of it and later on that path, something inspired me to keep going and found a purpose why I do it. I’ll explain the beginning of the channel, the challenges I faced, and the purpose of why I do this.

Every story always has a beginning, or what every story begins that is called the prologue. I didn’t start making a good content video right from the start when this channel was born. My 7th grade Science Teacher assigned us to do a video representing Newton’s law of motion. After I gathered the footage necessary to convert them all into one whole video to finish the assignment, I planned to email it to my teacher’s email, however, the video file was large that it couldn’t send. So I decided to create a channel so I can upload it there and send the link through email to my teacher. I didn’t have any intentions on doing videos as other YouTubers did, however, I did make Mario-based videos with Mario music and images related to the song I had input, and I did upload it but that was all just a hobby. 8th Grade came around and something snapped in me to do gaming videos. Since then I still make gaming videos.

Every Idea comes with a challenge that makes the user struggle in finding a solution on how to do it or how to work it out all at once. In my perspective, however, a great challenge can help you learn new things to do it no matter how difficult it is. Doing YouTube and studying in school is a difficult task which still is to this day. What I did weeks after I started doing gaming content was to focus in school first and then focus on the YouTube Life, however, everything changed when I entered High School.

Homework would start to come, in some classes, and YouTube would wait later in the day, but I wasn’t able to do a video every day. And that became a challenge that I would need to overcome if I wanted to keep the life I started back in 8th grade. So weeks went by and I started to focus more on my homework so I can finish it quickly and do a video so I can keep my content up to date. Yet, I’m still facing the great challenge that I confront to this day. Every school year was a challenge that would come again and face the YouTube Life I started. Sophomore Year came and Marching Season started within the year, I confronted the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced and I still confronted with everything I had. To tell the truth, it felt like a big gap in my path that I had to cross through to continue the other life that went ahead of me, and that felt like I was falling behind my other life. Till the end of the school year, I was able to confront the challenge, and cross the gap, and catch up the other life. Yet again, I still confront the challenge to this day, however, that ain’t stopping me.

Every YouTuber has a purpose why they do this. some users do it for money, some users do it for fame, but most users do it for entertainment and to help people who are passing through rough times, and one thing that I enjoy is that they don’t care for the money. They only care about entertaining their viewers and help them pass through their rough times by sharing their story to everyone around the world. And the top YouTubers that are known around the world today, makes me enjoy their videos, and laugh with them on their fails, and that inspires me. When I started to do gaming content, I didn’t have a purpose why I did it, but when I was being interviewed for the school paper, a few weeks back, they asked me why I did this, and I responded, “I do this for the entertainment of the viewers.

For example, the top YouTubers like Markiplier, JackSepticEye, they not only do this for money, they do this for the entertainment of their viewers.” To be happy and make them laugh, and “burst to Joy” – quoted JackSepticEye. “That inspired me to do YouTube Videos I do today”. So with that, I found a purpose why I do this. I want to make people happy through their troublesome. I want to be heard around the world like, “Hey, I heard he changed many lives from different countries around the world.” I may be overexaggerating a little. I want to change people’s lives in the world we live in right now. That’s why I do Gaming Content on YouTube.

Everyone has new ideas every day, with a purpose or not. I looked in the origins of this channel and it has grown since then, I battled my way through tough challenges I faced along the way, I found a purpose why I do it. Creators known today inspired me to do it, so with the inspiration, I was given, I want it to spread around the world so it can make this world a better place. New Ideas come from everyday routines, so if an idea comes up in your mind, don’t let it die. Grab hold of the idea and see how far you can go with that idea.

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