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Mar 02, 2024

Module 2: Research Assignment 1

Using your current workplace or one that you are familiar with, complete the following scenario:

A new project manager has come from abroad and wants you to provide him with details on how the legislation works and how the organization complies with it. You will need to research and develop a compliance report for the new manager. The report will need to include information on the type of workplace and the activities it undertakes, as well as:

  1. What the legal framework is:
  • What Act, regulations, codes, standards, and guidance materials are used, and how does the organization apply them?
  • What are the main duties, rights, and obligations (with references to the legislation) for relevant stakeholders and their activities?
  • How does the regulator (or authority) exercise their functions, powers, and responsibilities?
  • What penalties can be imposed should a breach be detected?

    2. How the organization complies with the legal framework:

  • What system is in place to comply with the legal requirements?
  • How effective is the system?
  • How is compliance with the system monitored?
  • What training is required to comply?
  • What internal and external sources of information are used regularly, and how are they accessed?

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