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Jun 27, 2023
  • Despite popular opinion and misconceptions in the media, Islam does not condone or praise acts of terrorism in the Middle East. There is more to Christians than the "televangelists". That worship on television; and Catholicism requires more than just going to church every Sunday. Religion exists everywhere and influences the morals, beliefs, and cultures of those who practice it. However, religion in itself is more than just a way to act or think. Although the many religions of the world contain different aspects, traditions, and ideas, one thing can be observed: Religion is an established belief system that incorporates various practices and views to achieve a spiritual goal.

    Religions provide teachings and ideas that culminate in a viewpoint of how one perceives his or her relationship with the world around him. Religion may revolve around a higher power or deity; a common idea for many followers is the concept of God, an omnipotent being who is sole ruler of everything and from whom everything originated.

    The purpose of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism is to respect and revere this Being, and act toward the rest of the world based on what God wants, in which the three religions` opinions separate. Others may define a higher power as spirits among nature, who have powers that may benefit or harm those who come across them. The Navajos`s relationship with the rest of the world involve restoring and maintaining harmony and balance with nature.

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