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May 15, 2023

Case Study #2
Embarrassing the Target
A residential treatment center serving predominantly Hispanic-American children was run by a director who encouraged the staff to use corporal punishment, ignored the needs of the residents, and generally did not provide effective training for the staff. The emotional problems experienced by many boys were ignored and led to several attempted suicides, frequent runaways, and other problems.
After approaching the director and failing to convince her to make improvements, the staff decided to undertake a series of actions. One such step was informing the news media of the conditions at the center. After the local television station and newspapers picked up the story, the situation was too embarrassing for the director and her superiors to sweep under the rug. The director was forced to step down, and new policies were adopted at the center that recognized the physical and emotional needs of the residents. The decision to involve the media was difficult, but there was no other way of protecting the needs of a vulnerable population at risk.


Section 1: Introduction 15 points
Students should begin their papers with a clear introduction. The introduction should include a description of the overall concern.
Section 2: Present the Goal and Action Steps 30 points
Students should describe the long term goal and actions steps.
Section 3: Neutralizing Opposition 20 points
Students should discuss how this methodology created opposition and the negative effect of the action.
Section 4: Neutralizing Opposition- Current Day 20 points
Student should use a modern day example of embarrassment as a means to effect organizational change. What was the outcome of this methodology? (both positive and negative) Please cite source(s)
Section 5: Conclusion 15 points
Students should summarize their viewpoints.

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